Why Little Champs ?

Our innovative After School program inspires students to be innovators, creative problem solver, exceptional communicators and strong leaders

We believe that each child has unique growth opportunities and specific learning needs. We design customized curriculum to personalize the learning to get the best output.

Our curriculum supports STEAM inspired learning with quality infusion of liberal arts

Our program builds on the individual students’ strength and at the same time close the gap on weaknesses

Our culture helps Students encourages collaboration and teaches them a vital lesson of winning as a team.

We organize several activities to develop leadership and decision-making skills in our students

We help students to develop a strong, positive relationships with parents and teachers that help them

Our approach of overall development of students prepare them to face any challenge in academics and beyond

Our teachers are committed to growth and development of students. This is not just work for them but a lifetime passion. They all love what they do and our parents love our teachers.

Our facility is clean, well maintained, secured and safe. Provides nurturing environment for students to go through their daily routine.

Little Champs Mission is
  • To prepare children to embrace challenge and be successful in their academic life and beyond;
  • To encourage children to believe in their inner capabilities in order to boost self-esteem, confidence, and performance;
  • To empower children to think out of the box to create innovative solutions for common problems;
  • To teach children to become independent, emotionally stable and productive individuals;
  • To inspire children to be socially responsible and recognize the value of contributing to the community;
Our Culture

Little Champs culture is our philosophy, approach, values and believes that creates a safe nurturing environment for students to try new things, acquire new skills and become self-reliant. We work hard to ensure each student goes through this learning experience and become a well-rounded contributor to the group. Our culture encourages students to work smart in collaboration to achieve the highest success.

Our Facilities

Our facility is clean, well maintained, secured and safe. Provides nurturing environment for students to go through their daily routine in a structured fashion. We are conveniently located at the intersection of Lawrence Expressway and Moorpark Ave. It is a safe and convenient location with easy freeway access (Hwy 85 and 280). We have large spacious facilities (5 classrooms with 2 large activity rooms). We are within minutes of Cupertino Library, DACA Swim School and large local employers such as Apple, Hewlett Packard, Symantec, etc.


Little Champs have qualified, experienced and highly trained teachers who genuinely wants to be there and passionate about helping students reach their maximum potential. Teachers pay close attention to specific needs of parents and students and make them feel like home. We conduct through background and reference checks and verify educational credentials before we introduce any teacher to Little Champs family. All teachers go through periodic training to stay current with teaching methods, curriculum additions and Students’ safety approach. We conduct periodic safety drills to train Students on safety aspects and how to behave and follow instructions in case of real emergency. All teachers go through First Aid training every year. Our teachers try new techniques, evolve, and collaborate toward the best outcome for their students. All Little Champs families love our teachers!